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Get to the venue at least three hours early. A rehearsal dinner can take place in a fancy restaurant or at a personal residence, but the point is to get everyone together and thank them for all their help and support. Getting other folks on board also allows people to contribute to a cause they believe in. A youth sports fund-raiser may ask local cheerleaders to perform a couple of routines, or perhaps ask the kids to prepare a short and funny skit about why they need money to continue with their activities. After dinner cocktails may also be served at this time. Get the entertainment. A rehearsal dinner is intended to show appreciation. Proper attire uniform, white shirt and black knickers, etc.

Provide your guests with takeaway containers for any leftovers from this pot luck feast. For example, “The dinner will immediately follow the wedding rehearsal, to be held at 6 o'clock p.m. at St. Even if you plan ahead, there may be still be plenty to go around. Gather information about the retire. You may be planning this event for six months down the road, so it's a good idea to check in from time to make sure things are still on track. Develop a save-the-date card and an invitation package to be sent to everyone on the invitation list. If guests will be required to drive from the wedding rehearsal to the dinner, include directions from one venue to the other. For example, a school awards ceremony would state that it is the awards ceremony for a specific group.

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